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March 27, 2017

These homemade crisps are super simple to make and although they do take a little while to make up enough to feed a crowd, it is definitely worth the wait. Crispy, garlicy, and oh so moreish.

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t’s National Potato Chip and Dip Day – or Crisp and Dip Day to those of us in the U.K.  Whilst desserts will always have a special place in my heart, or stomach, I am definitely more of a savoury person. It was actually only when I met Dave and his sweet tooth that I discovered a love of chocolate. Thanks Dave! *sarcasm*. I would always choose a salty snack over a sweet one and crisps are my snack or choice, and sometimes my downfall.

I am always of the mindset that if I am going to eat something that is traditionally not very healthy, then I am going to make it myself so it’s that little bit healthier and that’s what we have done with these Homemade Garlic Crisps. 

How easy are homemade crisps to make! Well, I am guessing that if you are reading this recipe then you didn’t realise, but they really are. The key to making homemade crisps is slicing them really thin so they get nice and crispy. We did this by using a mandoline, which had become our new “must-have” kitchen gadgets.